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Insights and updates from the Basis Theory team

      February 2023 changelog

      February 2023 Changelog

      After the numerous improvements the team released in January, we spent February heads down on a few initiatives making progress toward the larger strategic vision of...

      December 2022 changelog

      Changelog: December 2022

      The Highlights New Year, New Documentation We’ve learned and changed a lot over the last year, but we realized our documentation hadn’t. Over the previous two years,...

      Changelog November 2022

      Changelog: November 2022

      The Highlights Upgrades to Elements Collect data with Android and iOS Elements The new SDKs make it simple to collect Text data directly from Android and iOS mobile ...

      August 2022 changelog

      Changelog: August 2022

      The Highlights Updating Elements with Refs To stay consistent with the current React trends, targeting Elements now uses Refs just like any other React element in a ...

      June 2022 product changelog

      Changelog: June 2022

      The Highlights Capture individual card data with separate fields using Elements Developers want more control over their user experience when collecting credit or deb...

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