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Insights and updates from the Basis Theory team

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      April 2024 Changelog

      April 2024 Changelog

      April brought showers of updates and enhancements to the Basis Theory Platform, from automatic account updater, to full-featured test tenants, and forwarding APIs.

      March 2024 Product Changelog

      March 2024 Changelog

      Expanded Apple Pay JS Support In March, we added support for merchant tokens and Buy Now, Pay Later to Apple Pay JS. This enables merchants to decrypt the Apple Pay ...

      February 2024 Product Changelog

      February 2024 Changelog

      In February, the engineering team spent our time working on big picture items as well as granular bug fixes to improve platform performance. Read on for details of h...

      January 2024 Changelog

      January 2024 Changelog

      10x+ Performance Enhancement on Token Searching January came with a huge performance enhancement on our Token Search and Token List endpoints, these are now returnin...

      2023 in review at Basis Theory

      2023 in Review

      As 2022 came to a close, we knew we wanted to spend time on 4 key components of our product: Global expansion, developer integration experience, enhancing tokenizati...

      November 2023 Changelog

      This November, Basis Theory introduced several enhancements geared toward expanding our Payment Stack capabilities. With a focus on providing adaptable payment solut...

      product changelog for October 2022

      Changelog: October 2022

      The Highlights Access Rules Engineers use, scope, and permission our Tokens in various ways. To allow for greater control over access to tokens, we built Access Rule...

      July 2022 changelog

      Changelog: July 2022

      The Highlights Token expiration Whether mandated by PCI or by your organization's internal data retention policies, developers need the ability to purge data automat...

      Product changelog for May 2022

      Changelog: May 2022

      The highlights Status Page Our new public Status Page provides developers a simple way to track the status of our API, Portal, and Elements. Check it out at https://...

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