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Changelog: August 2022

August 2022 changelog

The Highlights

Updating Elements with Refs

To stay consistent with the current React trends, targeting Elements now uses Refs just like any other React element in a developer's application. 

IMPORTANT: The “getElements” method will be deprecated on Nov. 15th, 2022. Functionality with existing implementations will persist; however, future enhancements to Elements will require the use of “Refs”. Please see our docs for a code example.

Updates to Elements with Blur and Focus

We added the ability to Blur or Focus on inputs of an Element to programmatically determine where their end-users focus belongs, allowing more options when designing input form experiences.

Simplified Application Types

We’ve simplified our application types to help new customers quickly build their first application. To do this, we replaced “Server to Server”, “Elements”, “Client Side”, and “Management” with “Public”, “Private”, and “Management”. 

A quick breakdown of the changes:

  • The new “Public” application type will serve as a replacement for both the “Client-side” and “Elements” types. 
  • The new “Private” application type is replacing the “Server to Server” application type. 
  • “Management” remains the same.

Other releases, fixes & improvements

  • Fixed bug with detokenizing aliased tokens
  • Launched for a simpler testing experience.
  • Expanded Expressions’ Reveal capabilities with onChange
  • Fixed memory issue with multiple Elements on screen
  • Improved usability for Web Portal

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