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Changelog: October 2022

product changelog for October 2022

The Highlights

Access Rules

Engineers use, scope, and permission our Tokens in various ways. To allow for greater control over access to tokens, we built Access Rules

These new building blocks provide organizations with fine-grained controls over their Applications. When performing an operation through the Basis Theory API, Access Rules are evaluated in priority order until the first rule is found with the matching permissions and container.

PCI Blueprint

We challenged ourselves to help developers stand up their own PCI-compliant cardholder environment and implementation in less than 5-minutes. The result was the PCI Blueprint

The blueprint offers a detailed guide, sample code, and example application that developers can use to satisfy nearly 95% of the PCI requirements needed to store and use credit and debit cards. As a result, it’s never been easier to break up with your payment service provider.

Elements Upgrades

Private Beta: Reveal sensitive data with Elements

Up until recently, Elements have only captured sensitive values. What if you need to display that data back to your end user? 

You can now, with 'Reveal'. The feature uses your existing Elements to show sensitive values back to an authorized user without exposing your website or application to the underlying data. It's perfect for end users looking to use or reference their sensitive data, like virtual credit cards or bank account numbers. 

The feature is now in private beta. If you’re interested in early access to this feature, shoot us an an email!

Alpha: Collect data with Android and iOS Elements

You may now collect any type of data with our new Android and iOS Elements. These Elements come packed with the same level of detail you get from our existing Web Elements: styling controls, events, placeholders, etc. If you’d like to be a part of our alpha testing, email us!

Other releases, fixes & improvements

  • Improved regional platform redundancy 
  • Released our VGS migration sample guide
  • Enabled support for application/x-www-form-urlencoded Content Type for Proxies
  • Increased platform monitorability
  • Fixed bug with Web Portal Token list not displaying custom containers
  • Fixed 500 error when using Private applications on Web Portal Application creation
  • Upgraded basistheory-react to support React 18
  • Removed default uppercase of Reactor configuration keys

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