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    Beta: Day One

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    Over the past 7 months, we’ve built a world class team across the board, and across multiple countries (shout out to our friends in South America). We've never been a part of a team so awesome and wouldn't be here without them. So THANK YOU!

    We've long thought about what it would feel like to be writing this post and couldn't be more excited to finally be here! Below you will find an overview of what is available today and what to expect in the coming weeks. We welcome any and all questions by contacting us through various channels.

    Available today

    Tokenize Anything

    Secure any type of data you'd rather not store within your system: any string, object, document, or image. If it can be serialized, it can be tokenized. Our SDKs are also built to enable you to control where the data is encrypted. You can own the encryption keys (YouEncrypt) or we can own them (WeEncrypt).

    We are PCI Level 1-Compliant

    Over the course of the last 7 months, we've built a secure foundation to enable the collection and storage of payments data (credit cards and bank accounts) within the Basis Theory platform. We enable this through our Elements or API integrations, giving you flexible integration options to own your data without the compliance lift or burden.


    We provide granular data access controls by default with our Tenants and Applications, enabling your business to decide which services are able to create, access and decrypt tokenized data.

    Enrichments, Associations, and Analytics

    Use our Reactors to enrich your data by integrating with various third-parties and never touching the sensitive data (currently only available for Atomic Cards and Atomic Banks). You can also build relationships with your data by associating tokens together and leveraging our free-form metadata fields (available on all token types) to tag your tokens with non-sensitive identifiers for analytics and querying.

    Documentation, Guides, and Open Source

    Our entire platform, including our customer portal, is built using the same tooling we've made public through our API, SDKs (.NET and NodeJS) and open source projects. If you're ready to jump in, check out our Developer section.

    Coming soon

    Additional Integration Options

    We've been heads down building for our early customers, which led to all of our initial SDK decisions. Currently, Java and Ruby SDKs are up next, but we would love to hear which other languages you'd like to see. Let us know in our Discord channel.

    Our platform also leverages a configurable proxy service which can easily be spun up using a Docker image. This simple service enables your systems to own encryption, decryption, and tokenization without having to change any of your existing code. Look for us to open source this proxy soon.

    Fingerprinting Tokens

    We will soon have functionality that enables you to search and compare your tokenized data without ever having to decrypt the sensitive data.

    More Elements

    Our Elements solution will soon support the ability to collect bank accounts and any other text data from your customers, without ever having that data touch your underlying systems or code.

    Tenant User Management

    Add collaborators to your workspace with role based access control.

    Generic and Custom Reactor Formulas (private beta)

    We are working quickly to enable our Reactors to be used with any type of tokenized data, not just Atomic Cards and Atomic Banks, enabling your business to take full control of your third-party integrations and never worry about who is touching your sensitive data.

    We also realize that Basis Theory won't be able to keep up with the speed of integrations required for all of your business use cases. That's why we will be offering the ability to write custom code that can be run in our Reactor platform, enabling you to transform or share any of your data without it touching your system. Your code without the risk.

    Feel free to reach out directly to either of us; we'd love to hear your feedback and use cases. For now, dig in to our platform with a new account!

    Brandon Weber, Head of Engineering

    James Armstead, Head of Product

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