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    April 2024 Changelog

    April 2024 Changelog

    April brought showers of updates and enhancements to the Basis Theory Platform, from automatic account updater, to full-featured test tenants, and forwarding APIs.

    Introducing Account Updater

    We recognize that many organizations need to be in complete control over their payment processing flows, including how credit cards are updated.

    Basis Theory provides an automated Account Updater service to keep your near-expired tokens up to date and prevent accidental churn. This process allows you to send in a list of tokens to be updated on a flexible schedule for your business. The Account Updater job will notify your systems with a webhook once each card has been updated, signaling the need for all processor tokens to be updated.

    We’ve created extensive documentation for you to get started with automatic Account Updater.

    Testing Integration Improvements

    Ensuring companies keep their development and production environments entirely separate, we’ve enhanced our full-featured testing environment for the Basis Theory Platform. You’ll now have easier access to debugging tools and a touch-free, full-featured testing environment to build in.

    Build your POC in the testing environment, and contact us for our white-glove support to get our team live - from helping with PCI compliance to scaling and connecting integrations.

    Stripe, Shopify, and Braintree Connections

    Shopify Payments Card Payload Decryption

    We recently announced our new connection, which enables you to decrypt and tokenize Shopify Payments App card payloads. Read our blog post about the solution to learn more.

    Braintree Forward API

    The Braintree Forward API allows developers to forward raw payment data from the Braintree Vault to third parties, including Basis Theory. Learn more about this API.

    Stripe Forward API

    Announced at Stripe Sessions 2024, Stripe recently released its Forward API that allows Stripe customers to backup Stripe tokens in a third-party vault. This opens up new opportunities for customers without them changing their Stripe integration.


    We created an in-depth guide with all the details on how you can request access to the Forwarding API through Stripe. Read how here.

    Other Changes

    • Improved PCI 4.0 SAQ report generation
    • Added ability for customers to manage multiple API keys for safer key rotation
    • Increased accuracy of BIN Details
    • Now support Shopify connections for card processing
    • [Android] Fixed programmatic keyboard displaying on Android for Forage

    Deprecated Features

    Feature Shutdown Date
    New Rate Limits TBD
    API Key Regeneration July 17, 2024

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