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    May 2024 Changelog

    May 2024 Changelog

    Managed Connections: Orchestrating Payments

    We are happy to announce the launch of Managed Connections, which allows merchants to switch between payment processors through our Payment Orchestration APIs seamlessly. With dozens of connections already live and many more coming soon, merchants can increase payment flexibility, reliability, and acceptance rates through payment orchestration flows.

    Access the Managed Connections guide or view the API reference docs to learn more.

    This is available today for enterprise customers. If you are interested in adding Managed Connections to your account, please get in touch with us to get started.

    Speed Improvements and Consistencies

    We decreased the processing time for Token Reads and Token Writes in P99. While most users should see minor overall speed improvements, the primary improvements will be in tighter, more consistent processing times with fewer outliers.

    New Rate Limits Coming Soon

    We are changing our rate limit model to better align with our tenant structure and the needs of our customers and provide more flexibility. We will publish more details about this change in the coming days.


    • [3DS] Adding Authentication Status to Session
    • [3DS] Updating documentation to explain the implementation better
    • [Tokens] General speed enhancements across all features
    • [Tokens] Increasing speed when fingerprinting tokens
    • [Billing] correctly directs to the Billing Portal
    • [Elements] Fixed issue with cleartext proxy responses
    • [Elements] Decreased noisy logs

    Deprecated Features

    Feature Shutdown Date
    New Rate Limits July 16, 2024
    API Key Regeneration July 17, 2024

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