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    August 2023 Changelog

    August 2023 Product Changelog

    As summer winds down and school starts back up for many of us in North America, Basis Theory is looking forward to an upcoming semester abroad. (Stay tuned for details)

    In the month of August, we’ve been getting ready for harvest with another handful of upgrades and new features for our customers, and soon-to-be customers. Let's dive in and learn more!

    Credit Card BIN Details Are Now Available

    Our customers can now look up BIN details within the Basis Theory platform. As a centralized vault for many merchants and fintechs that store credit card data with us, our plan is to continue to provide services that can enrich cardholder data, allowing our customers to take advantage of payment routing, data analysis, and retries - all with the aim of trying to increase authorization rate, and decrease fraud.

    Our BIN details service offers two tiers of information for enriching your card or card_number tokens. Standard details provide basic information on the credit card’s function and its origin, while Enhanced also includes interchange, authentication, and other more advanced details.

    Standard Enhanced
    Bank name and bank details Everything in Standard
    Card Brand Costs of transactions
    Credit / Debit / Prepaid Account updater enabled
    Card Segment “biz, consumer, etc” Level 2, 3 rate eligibility
    Issuing Country Pan or Token
    Bank details? Gambling blocked
    and more and more

    Documentation and the full list of BIN details can be found here. If your team needs access to this information, please reach out to your account representative, or contact us through the website or public Slack channel, and we'll get you set up and running.

    Path Routing Updates to Whitelabel Proxy

    We’ve updated the capabilities of our Whitelabel Proxy, allowing our customers to use routes to hit our inbound proxy. It saves the work and confusion of setting up another hostname and gives your customers and internal team a bit more consistency.

    For example, if your API is hosted at

    • You’re able to direct to a Basis Theory Proxy
    • All other routes for* continue to route to your backend servers and don’t take on the latency of our Proxy routes.

    This avoids the need to set up and redirect customers to another domain for your proxy (such as It makes things simpler for your customers by eliminating the need to have multiple API routes when implementing with your system. This is also an enterprise feature for us. If you're interested in using Basis Theory behind your domain, reach out here to enable this feature.

    Other updates and bug fixes

    • [API] - Fixes bug when Content-Type is changed during a Response Transform
    • [Elements JS] - Added inputMode in JS and React SDK for numeric keyboard access in UI
    • [Elements JS] - Added readOnly option for web elements to more easily display credit cards and match the developer experience in mobile
    • [Elements JS] - Improved performance of conceal font load times for better UX
    • [Elements iOS] - Lowered iOS version requirements to v13
    • [Elements iOS] - Adds the focus and blur events to text field inputs needed if you inherit from a UIView or another UIViewController class
    • [API] - Fixed bug with X-FORWARDED-FOR header to forward end-user IP to destination
    • [Documentation] - Added clarity around Access Rules and Conditions are Applied (link)
    • [Documentation] - Added whitelisted reactor code libraries for increased transparency. (link)

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