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    March 2023 Product Changelog

    March 2023 Product Changelog

    We are thrilled to share some of the key updates we've made to our platform during the month of March.

    Pass sensitive data directly from our elements

    This new functionality provides our customers with the ability to call a proxy using data collected through our elements. Originally designed for passing PIN information from online EBT payments, you can also use this feature to do things like re-collect CVV for transactions coming from a new device when protecting against fraud.

    Do more with BINs

    We’ve updated the ability to get 6 or 8 digit bins depending on card length. You can use this in with front-end applications utilizing metadata or events, or if you are taking in card information through an API or want to store this info on your back end you can utilize card_mask or card_bin.

    Utilizing BIN data can help reduce fraud, personalize customer experiences, optimize payment processing and improve overall risk management. Our customers have utilized 3rd party bin providers like iinlist or pagos, but there a ton of these services out there if you’re looking for more insights into your customers and payments.

    View our pricing plans more simply

    We updated the pricing interface on and within the platform to better reflect the tiers and packages available to you. This design update provides more detail and options, and improves the UX. Check out the new pricing page here.

    Other releases, fixes, and improvements

    • Api - Remove error upon token:update when metadata contains null values
    • Elements - If you’re using React Native - check out our new guide
    • Card Token - Expiration dates now accept strings containing valid date integers
    • Elements - Reduce valid inputs for cardExpirationDate to only 1-12
    • Enhancements to improved load performance and reliance for Web Elements

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