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    Changelog: January 2023

    Image of blog title change log January 2023

    Learn more about January's releases, improvements, and fixes.

    We kicked off the new year with a whole slew of updates and enhancements, and chances are you’ll love what we have in store for February even more! 


    As an alternative to using Public API keys to reveal sensitive data to your end users, we created the ability to create and use sessions. Sessions grant temporary elevated access to your public applications and provide a more secure handshake when exchanging sensitive data. These sessions expire after three minutes to help limit malicious activity.

    Other things you can do with sessions:

    • Prevent anonymous API use
    • Call your proxy or reactors from your front-end application
    • Use full CRUD operations with tokens 

    To learn more about sessions read here and to learn how to use sessions to access data click here.

    Revealing full credit card data

    Revealing sensitive data with Basis Theory has finally revealed itself in its final form. The feature primarily allows end users to view their full credit card PANs with expiration dates and sensitive authentication data (e.g., CVC).

    For those companies who issue and accept cards, you can now do both without exposing yourself to PCI scope. The functionality allows you to abstract vendor-specific iFrames to plug-and-play multiple PSPs and card issuers into one streamlined experience. 

    Upgrades to card data capture methods and events 

    Responding to customer demands, we added more flexibility to the UX creation process and increased the amount of data available from it. Here’s a short list of those additional Elements attributes created  in January. 

    • cardBin - first 6 (if need 8 please let us know)
    • cardLast4 - for mobile
    • OnChange for card brands - web & mobile
    • isMaskSatisfied - options for finer grain control vs complete
    • Valid - added to help split up complete 
    • CardBrand - detect cardbrand for formatting
    • Allow validation during onChange as well as blur

    The addition of Metadata

    Instead of subscribing to change events, you can now access them at any time from the metadata property available on all elements. This gives you direct access to the data without the need to set up subscribers. You can use metadata with iOS, Android & web.

    Other releases, fixes & improvements

    • A new Elements overview page
    • Added support for adobe fonts
    • Allow proxy request transforms to exclude body for GET/DELETE HTTP methods
    • Changed mount time in elements from 10-15 seconds and changed when the timer starts (should result in fewer timeouts/errors)
    • Add Datadog to Elements for more relevant debugging
    • Prevent tokenization with input data that isn’t valid or doesn’t satisfy mask requirements

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