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    April 2023 Changelog

    April 2023 product changelog

    One of the most exciting parts of working at Basis Theory is encountering the various unique scenarios and alternative use cases that our customers envision. While such ideas may occasionally take a back seat to more performance-based tasks, there are instances when such adjustments are key to empowering our customers to launch their products successfully.

    Over the past month, we have given precedence to these subtle yet impactful elements that significantly enhance our users' experience. We are thrilled to share a few of these updates with you!

    Extending privacy capabilities of Elements

    Across all of our Web and Mobile SDKs we've introduced a new font called conceal, which enables you to hide data as it's entered, using any of our token types. This font is especially useful if don’t want the input data stores with the browser password manager.

    To see the conceal font in action, check out our live code example.

    Android Password Fields

    We also added proper support for password fields with textPassword and numberPassword. You can find those docs here. These are already available in iOS and Web.

    Expressions now support 6 or 8 digit bins

    Last month, we demonstrated how to retrieve BIN information with our elements using metadata or event triggers. Developers now have the ability to use 6 or 8 digits bins with Expressions enabling their use in Aliases, Masks, or anywhere Expressions are used in our platform. For example aliasing the card number BIN and the actual last four digits of the cards, reducing a systems dependency on Basis Theory.

    Check out this quick example.


    Private Beta - Increased payload size for tokens

    We launched a new private beta allowing for larger payloads to be stored within a token, this enables storing of KYC/KYB documents with us. This functionality ensures that the data is stored securely with Basis Theory and enables you to share the data with another provider in the future. Owning the data means that you do not have to burden your customers to resubmit this information if you decide to switch vendors for business reasons.

    If you’re interesting in securely storing and owning theses documents, reach out to us and we can set you up.

    Other releases, fixes, and improvements

    • Reactors - Whitelisted excelJS to read, manipulate, and write spreadsheet data
    • Proxy - Fixed error on content compression causing Content-Length issues
    • Elements - Fixed issue when sending only elements with proxy request
    • Elements - Added ElementRemovedFromDOM error when a browser setting or extension (like an ad blocker) is preventing the iframe to communicate with Basis Theory
    • React - Fixed bug with setValue to allow static values when using React refs
    • JS - Improved reliability for all requests from JS SDK
    • API - Improved token read performance by over 52%

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