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Changelog: November 2022

Changelog November 2022

The Highlights

Upgrades to Elements

Collect data with Android and iOS Elements

The new SDKs make it simple to collect Text data directly from Android and iOS mobile applications. Format, style, and transform your data to satisfy any UI or database requirements while keeping your mobile app out of compliance scope!

Check out our documentation for these SDKs here: Android and iOS

Reveal Credit Cards with Web Elements

Companies issuing cards to end-users now have greater flexibility in the user experience when creating their digital card experience. Our latest React or JS SDK update includes the ability to display token data directly in your front-end application while staying out of PCI scope. This allows you to spend less time hacking your issuing vendor’s iframes and more time creating a virtual card experience that meets your existing brand’s identity. 

How easy is it to get started? Check out our guide on how to reveal data.

Introducing Proxy Transforms

Third-party APIs often rely on sending or receiving some combination of encrypted or detokenized values to complete an operation. To streamline these interactions and provide developers greater flexibility within their implementation, we’re introducing Proxy Transforms. The new properties allow developers to manipulate a request or response payload during an HTTP request. 

Learn more on how these new request and response transforms supercharge your Proxies in our API Reference documentation.

Other releases, fixes & improvements

• Improve lineHeight functionality with our web elements
• Fixed bug Elements  preventing special characters
• Readability and clarity updates to our documentation
• Simplified container access by making access rules case-insensitive
• Clarified instructions for deleting members in a Tenant

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