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    November 2023 Changelog

    This November, Basis Theory introduced several enhancements geared toward expanding our Payment Stack capabilities. With a focus on providing adaptable payment solutions for Merchants and Fintechs, we're excited to unveil significant strides in React Native integration and anti-fraud functionalities.

    Now Collect Cards with React Native

    We're excited to share the latest addition to our suite of secure data handling tools - Basis Theory Elements for React Native. These Elements serve as a shield, enabling developers to collect and reveal sensitive data seamlessly within their applications while removing PCI requirements. All without compromising an application's user experience. By integrating our Elements SDK into React Native applications, developers can build input components, ensuring the secure collection of credit cards without direct exposure to plaintext data.

    With our Elements SDK integrated, React Native developers can build customized forms using Element input components, including CardElement for credit card data and TextElement for textual data, all while ensuring that sensitive information remains tokenized and securely stored within Basis Theory. Additionally, our Elements offer extensive configuration options, empowering developers to tailor input masking, validation, and transformation rules to suit their unique data collection needs.

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    Discover the power of Basis Theory Elements for React Native in our documentation.

    Using Anti-Fraud Solutions with Basis Theory

    The Basis Theory Platform empowers users to seamlessly integrate with leading anti-fraud solutions like Forter, Sardine, and Kount. This integration arms merchants with a proactive defense mechanism, using AI-driven algorithms to quickly identify potential fraud patterns and safeguard against unauthorized transactions, ensuring the safety of both customers and digital platforms.

    The introduction of innovative functionalities such as Device Fingerprinting, Payment Verification Services, Card Fingerprinting, and streamlined 3D Secure integration further solidifies our commitment to advancing transaction security.

    These features collectively enable:

    • Device authentication and tracking
    • Payment data verification
    • implementation of additional authentication layers

    As businesses navigate the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, our platform offers trust and security by providing unparalleled protection and control over payment information, and by reinforcing the foundation of secure online transactions.

    Check out our developer documentation on Anti-Fraud integrations.

    Other Improvements

    • [JS] Fixed issue retrieving tokens with special character aliases
    • [ReactNative] Fixed issue with React Native and Metro
    • [Web Elements] Added ability to reveal primitive type data

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