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    Changelog: July 2022

    July 2022 changelog

    The Highlights

    Token expiration

    Whether mandated by PCI or by your organization's internal data retention policies, developers need the ability to purge data automatically. To help, we built the new “expires_at” property. The enhancement purges the data automatically from the Basis Theory system at a set expires_at date and time.

    Overwrite “card” and “bank” Token Type properties

    Token Types are templates with pre-configure properties for some of the most popular types of sensitive data and their use cases. With the new enhancements to card and bank tokens, developers can now modify these templates to configure their Fingerprints, Search Indexes, Mask, and Alias properties using expressions.

    For example, the default mask value for the card Token Type defaults to revealing all but the last 4 of a card number. While this is great for validating a credit card, it’s less helpful if you’re trying to validate the card’s Bank Identification Number (BIN)—or the first six numbers of a credit card. With the changes, developers now only need to change the mask’s default expression from "mask": to "mask": to reveal the card’s BIN.

    Learn more about our token properties and expressions

    Other stuff

    Releases, Fixes & Improvements

    • Released new Aliasing enhancements to restrict invalid special characters and support the ‘id’ variable in Alias Expressions
    • Fixed Element communication issue in Safari
    • Fixed issue where copying Token IDs would open the Token details page
    • Improved log-in experience by emphasizing Github and Google buttons
    • Updated Concept Page for Tokens to help explain Token capabilities
    • Made Elements “auto-complete”-friendly
    • Improved color contrast for Web Portal
    • Made improvements to the mobile experience

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