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    Changelog: June 2022

    June 2022 product changelog

    The Highlights

    Capture individual card data with separate fields using Elements

    User interface options for tokenizing data

    Developers want more control over their user experience when collecting credit or debit cards with Basis Theory. We heard you and introduced three new Element types to allow you to individually collect and interact with each card property: Number, Expiration Date, and CVC. The new feature gives you complete control and flexibility over how you use card inputs in your application.

    Expanded Token Aliasing

    In some situations, data needs to retain its format or length because it needs to pass existing validation requirements, meet data formatting of internal systems or fit in a database schema that is hard to change. This is why we’ve extended our Aliases beyond UUIDs, allowing developers to preserve token identifier’s context and length using our Expressions language. The update will enable organizations to dynamically select the data they want to use for these properties, add static characters, or even pull non-sensitive data from any token property. 


    Previously, our Proxy endpoint enabled our customers to simply forward data to third parties without the data touching their systems.

    This inflexibility drove us to launch our new pre-defined Proxies. These Proxies inherit all of the Expression language benefits of our existing /proxy call and Reactors to process or mutate data on both the request and response. The update provides new ways to tokenize sensitive data before it enters your systems.

    Check our guide on removing sensitive data from your request

    Deduplication of Tokens

    Duplicate data can create data integrity problems in any system, especially where unique values are required.

    Our new Deduplication feature ensures that multiple tokens are not created with the same underlying data within the Tenant or on each tokenization request.

    Other stuff

    • Update added to all SDKs, including updating via Elements
    Fixes & Improvements
    • Enhanced performance for searching tokens
    • Fixed issues in experienced on mobile
    • Updated Colors, Fonts, and improved a11y readability of our Web Portal
    • Bubbled up runtime errors from Reactor Formula errors as 500s
    • Enabled “autocomplete” to be configured on Elements (default is “off”)
    • Increased token creation performance
    • Returning the Expression used for Fingerprinting, Masking, and Aliasing for all tokens
    • Updated developer documentation for consistency 

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