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    February 2024 Changelog

    February 2024 Product Changelog

    In February, the engineering team spent our time working on big picture items as well as granular bug fixes to improve platform performance. Read on for details of how we launched 3DS beta, released React Native Version 1.0, and improved platform performance in February.

    Seamless 3D Secure Now Available

    3D Secure, also known as 3DS, was launched in 2001 to help address credit card fraud globally by requesting additional information during the transaction flow and ensure merchants only accept card payments from legitimate customers.

    The standard continues to evolve, with a recent launch of 3DS 2.0 that now sends additional data with the transactions in a more seamless (called “frictionless”) processing flow for customers.

    With that, we are excited to share that we now support 3DS transactions for Enterprise customers. If you are interested in implementing 3DS with us, please contact us.

    50% Faster Session Calls

    As we mentioned in January, along with our updates that increased the speed of search indexing we’ve also had a strategic plan to increase overall performance. These enhancements have also improved calls to Sessions, which are now an average of 50% faster, with even greater improvement seen with higher request loads.

    React Native v1.0

    We launched early versions of our React Native library in 2023 and have had great adoption so far! We finally have enough feature parity with our other Elements libraries that we are releasing v1.0 of React Native. This version is jam packed with simple implementations to capture and process credit cards inside of your Mobile applications. Check out the docs here.

    Other Improvements

    • Autofill hints in Andorid for allowing password manager fill
    • Android fixed revealing expiration dates
    • Bug fix: Unable to create tokens with session keys on iOS Elements
    • Reactors exposing more internal error details
    • Deprecated Reactor Formula’s no longer allowed to be created
    • Documented missing TextElement in ReactNative
    • Web Elements: Fixed defect in utilizing custom fonts

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