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    January 2024 Changelog

    January 2024 Changelog

    10x+ Performance Enhancement on Token Searching

    January came with a huge performance enhancement on our Token Search and Token List endpoints, these are now returning blazing fast!

    Token Searching since its launch has been a great way for engineers to have flexibility in how they find data for enabling new features that allow their internal dashboards to find sensitive data without ever touching it. These features typically enable support customers to validate that a caller knows the last 4 numbers or allow engineers to add metadata to their tokens to ensure it is findable when debugging or researching problems.

    Reach out if you have a use case that needs to find your tokens based on data you can’t store!

    Accept Custom Card Brands with Elements

    It is becoming more common as organizations move into new markets or verticals that they need to accept niche branded cards or even customized closed-loop gift card BINs that aren’t typically recognized by payment processors. This is now easily enabled in our Elements by allowing companies to specify the BINs they'd like to also accept on top of our own:

    const CUSTOM_VISA = {
    // Add new BIN pattern '8456' and maintain pre-existing ones
    patterns: [...VISA.patterns, 8456],

    // removes pre-existing Visa CreditCardType
    const CustomCardTypesList = DEFAULT_CARD_TYPES.filter(({ type }: CreditCardType) => type != 'visa' )

    const cardNumberElement = BasisTheory.createElement('cardNumber', {
    targetId: 'cardNumberElement',
    // Adds filtered CreditCardType's list and custom visa CreditCardType
    cardTypes: [...CustomCardTypesList, CUSTOM_VISA]

    Decrypt Shopify Payments

    We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our toolkit: the Shopify JS open-source package. This innovative solution simplifies the decryption of Shopify Payment App payloads in Node.js environments with just two simple statements. Now, Merchants and Payment Facilitators can seamlessly execute custom payment processing for credit cards, enhancing flexibility and efficiency with Shopify.

    This package is pre-loaded into our Reactor’s environment and is available to be used today.

    Other Improvements

    • [Proxy] Allowing code to be removed from Proxies
    • [Portal] Logs are now displaying correctly
    • [Portal] Dashboard statistics are accurate
    • [Elements] Fixing tokenization in Chrome v86 and lower
    • [EU] Enhancing request routing

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