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    March 2024 Changelog

    March 2024 Product Changelog

    Expanded Apple Pay JS Support

    In March, we added support for merchant tokens and Buy Now, Pay Later to Apple Pay JS. This enables merchants to decrypt the Apple Pay Payment Token to obtain the DPAN / MPAN and cryptogram for custom payment processing.

    Read the full Apple Pay guide for more information on how Basis Theory supports this mobile and digital payment service.

    3D Secure Transactions: Guides

    3D Secure, also known as 3DS, was launched in 2001 to help address credit card fraud globally by requesting additional information during the transaction flow and ensuring merchants only accept card payments from legitimate customers.

    In February, we shared the huge announcement that we now support 3DS transactions for Enterprise customers. In March, we expanded upon that by creating several 3DS guides for customers wanting to integrate 3DS transactions.

    If you are interested in implementing 3DS with us, please contact us.

    Use-Case Based CVC Retention

    Fintechs can now turn on separate CVC retention rules for each use case within a single tenant, reducing the integration overhead. This is especially helpful for companies with different product offerings and CVC use cases. These use cases typically involve merchants or fintechs that issue credit cards (possibly a white label card), sell products, and need payment acceptance.

    This flexibility will help customers innovate and expand into new product lines quickly.

    Other Updates in March

    • [Elements] Added Token Updates to React Native
    • [Elements] Added setRef to React to enable new ways to reference an Element
    • [Elements] Added skipLuhnValidation for ease of use for testing with invalid cards
    • [API] Performance increase for Token Search and Token Listing endpoints
    • [API] New Card Expiration Date Expression to simplify forwarding expiration dates with our Proxies

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