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    May 2023 Product Changelog

    May 2023 product changelog

    We've been working hard this spring to provide more control, flexibility, and security to improve your data management and user experience. Our latest updates include White Label Proxies, Extended Storage for CVCs, and advanced frontend input validation. These improvements demonstrate our commitment to meeting your needs, ensuring data security, and simplifying the management of sensitive data. We strive to provide a user-centric platform that anticipates and addresses current and emerging needs in data privacy. Let's take a closer look at these updates and see what's new.

    1. White Label Proxies

    Securely collect sensitive data through our new White Label Proxies, which allow you to tokenize information before it reaches your company's branded API endpoint. By using this feature, you can keep your codebase out of PCI scope and still tokenize with Basis Theory with less scrutiny.

    As an example, you can replace our default proxy domain with a domain like for invoking your inbound proxy.

    You can check out our documentation for more info.

    2. Extended Storage for CVC

    To enhance our transaction processing capabilities, we now have the proper measure in place to store CVC longer term. This feature is particularly beneficial for industries where disjointed and manual payments are common, such as hospitality, concierge services, and personal shopping. Our new feature simplifies payment management, boosts efficiency, and makes operations smoother, resulting in more satisfied customers.

    Please contact us if you believe this would be beneficial for your business.

    3. Regex Validation in Elements

    We have also added the ability to validate user input data in our elements on the frontend before tokenization. This leverages Regular Expressions (Regex), allowing you to set specific patterns that the user's input should match. This will help prevent invalid data from being tokenized and save time for both you and your customers by identifying errors faster. This feature is available across web, iOS, and Android SDKs.

    Check out this working example in Codesandbox for web implementation.

    4. Access Non-Sensitive Proxy Response in Front-End

    We have upgraded our proxy feature to improve data collection. You can now use our element values directly with the proxy, and receive plain text, non-sensitive responses. This bypasses unnecessary tokenization and eliminates the need for element references or the use of Reveal. It simplifies third-party interactions and enhances sensitive data handling.

    For more details, refer to our web documentation.

    Other Improvements & Fixes

    • [API] We now support public applications without permissions
    • [Android SDK] Our SDK is now compatible with Android Compose
    • [Elements] Added docs for elements → Proxy, iOS, Android, web
    • [API] Squashed bug when using Request Transforms that reformatted dates
    • [API] Bug when calling Basis Theory API from default NodeJS agent
    • [Elements] Enhanced tabbing experience across web browsers when using multiple elements
    • [Elements] Increased element loading consistency across browsers
    • [Android SDK] Added ability to support arrays when tokenizing
    • [JS SDK] Added consistency with API to accept null as a mask prop
    • [API] Improve proxy config updates by permitting null/empty host values
    • [Elements] Added ability to work seamlessly within the Shadow DOM

    We always welcome your suggestions. If you've been anticipating a specific feature or update, please don't hesitate to get in touch and share your thoughts. Together, we will continue to shape the future of data security, making it more straightforward, reducing the need for compliance oversight, and giving developers the freedom to focus on creating value.

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