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Insights and updates from the Basis Theory team

      May 2024 Changelog

      May 2024 Changelog

      Managed Connections: Orchestrating Payments We are happy to announce the launch of Managed Connections, which allows merchants to switch between payment processors t...

      what is chargeback fraud?

      Chargeback Fraud Unmasked

      Chargeback fraud, often called friendly fraud or first-party misuse, occurs when consumers fraudulently attempt to secure refunds by initiating chargebacks instead o...

      April 2024 Changelog

      April 2024 Changelog

      April brought showers of updates and enhancements to the Basis Theory Platform, from automatic account updater, to full-featured test tenants, and forwarding APIs.

      March 2024 Product Changelog

      March 2024 Changelog

      Expanded Apple Pay JS Support In March, we added support for merchant tokens and Buy Now, Pay Later to Apple Pay JS. This enables merchants to decrypt the Apple Pay ...

      February 2024 Product Changelog

      February 2024 Changelog

      In February, the engineering team spent our time working on big picture items as well as granular bug fixes to improve platform performance. Read on for details of h...

      January 2024 Changelog

      January 2024 Changelog

      10x+ Performance Enhancement on Token Searching January came with a huge performance enhancement on our Token Search and Token List endpoints, these are now returnin...

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